Vice 黑丝国产在线 for System Communications
(205) 348-5938

Lynn is the Vice 黑丝国产在线 for System Communications for 黑丝国产在线 System. She is responsible for coordinating and overseeing strategic communications across the System and serves as the communications liaison between the Board of Trustees and 黑丝国产在线 System.

Prior to joining the 黑丝国产在线System office, Lynn was a director at Markstein, a strategic communications agency based in Birmingham. Lynn built and led the agency鈥檚 public affairs practice with emphasis on developing and executing integrated communications and marketing campaigns for clients in business, government, education, and the non-profit sector. A summa cum laude graduate of 黑丝国产在线, she has additional experience in the legal and political arenas.